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Ann McDonald ARPS, DPAGB - Travel Photography - An Illustrated Guide.

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Competition Results for the 2013 - 2014 season:

(Updated May 7th 2014)

= Certificate of merit.
Results Tables:
Print Competition - Beginners
Print Competition - Intermediate
Print Competition - Advanced
PDI Competition - Beginners / Intermediate
PDI Competition - Advanced
Full Results Sheets:
Competition: Date: Judge: View Images:
1st Beg Print21-Nov-13Roy Lambeth CPAGB BPE2* AFIAPCertificatesAll (15)
1st Int Print21-Nov-13Roy Lambeth CPAGB BPE2* AFIAPCertificatesAll (44)
1st Adv Print31-Oct-13Len Deeley FRPS AFIAP DPAGBCertificatesAll (81)
2nd Beg Print13-Mar-14Tony Riley LBIPPCertificatesAll (9)
2nd Int Print13-Mar-14Tony Riley LBIPPCertificatesAll (45)
2nd Adv Print13-Feb-14Leigh Preston FRPS EFIAP MPAGBCertificatesAll (63)
3rd Beg Print24-Apr-14Keith Gibson ARPSCertificatesAll (12)
3rd Int Print24-Apr-14Keith Gibson ARPSCertificatesAll (39)
3rd Adv Print15-May-14Anne Mahany ARPS AFIAP CPAGBCertificatesAll
1st Beg PDI10-Oct-13Carole Speight APAGB ARPS DPAGBCertificatesAll (15)
1st Int PDI10-Oct-13Carole Speight APAGB ARPS DPAGBCertificatesAll (60)
1st Adv PDI26-Sep-13Mike Warren ARPSCertificatesAll (81)
2nd Beg PDI23-Jan-14Roger Crocombe ARPSCertificatesAll (12)
2nd Int PDI23-Jan-14Roger Crocombe ARPSCertificatesAll (51)
2nd Adv PDI03-Apr-14Roger Smith ABIPPCertificatesAll (72)


Beginners Print Competition
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Total
Sarah Nichol1078987810875
Hilary Featherstone791087779.51074.5
Andrew Smale6.5791088997.574
Cheryl Marshall899.5---710649.5
Sheena Hartley7.58.58.5------24.5

Total Entries = 36 Certificates = 14
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Intermediate Print Competition
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Total
Lorna Brown988.5101091088.581
John Howes1010108888.581080.5
Nina Borowsky1089.57810108.5980
Jan Davis99.59.588797.57.575
Linda Bullimore9.589.59.578776.572
Sue Nash6.578.58771081072
Tony Street99888777871
Paul Williams1077.56797.57.59.571
Michelle Duffy77.5876887.57.566.5
Vanessa Stern987.5677777.566
Roger Pagram776.58876.57663
Brian Southward7.58-87107.577.562.5
Mike Hancock7.56.510---108951
Joan Barham889.5877---47.5
Ross Laney---8.5910---27.5
Glynnan Barham878.5------23.5
Nick Mason---666---18

Total Entries = 128 Certificates = 36
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Advanced Print Competition
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Total
Ann McDonald101010101010---60
Michael Davison109.59108.510---57
George Atkins8.510109108---55.5
Peter Bamforth910108.58.59.5---55.5
Diana Goss99.58.58.598.5---53
Joy Whiting9.571097.510---53
Ray Acland8.58.5888.510---51.5
Sheila Tester98.58.58.588.5---51
Frank Adams998.57.588.5---50.5
Mike Owens7.57.5107.599---50.5
David Harris7.5888.58.59---49.5
Peter Rocchiccioli77999.57---48.5
Peter King879.58.587---48
Nigel Prosser9.57.59877---48
Andy Dulson987.5877.5---47
Jonathan Barham8.58.56.587.57.5---46.5
Stephen Marsh7.5876.58.58.5---46
Ronnie Hall78.57.5778---45
Jim Entwistle8.578.5776.5---44.5
Don Baldwin776.56.566---39
John Field9107.5------26.5
John Pritchard---109.57---26.5
Jean Brooks989------26
Cathy Hughes8108------26
Trevor Sims97.58.5------25
Andrea Farrell78.59------24.5
Tony Hughes7.57.58------23
Ritchie Southerton6.567.5------20

Total Entries = 144 Certificates = 50
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Beginners PDI Competition
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Total
Hilary Featherstone1087.5881051.5
Cheryl Marshall8.
Elizabeth Boden987.5887.548
Andrew Smale7.587.578.58.547
Carmel Lynch777---21

Total Entries = 27 Certificates = 5
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Intermediate PDI Competition
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Total
John Howes710108.59.51055
Mike Hancock8910898.552.5
Andy Dulson1089.587.5952
Joan Barham8.57107.59850
Sue Nash87.599.57.58.550
Tony Street7.5889.58.5849.5
Nina Borowsky78.588107.549
Paul Williams878.589848.5
Lorna Brown97.588.57848
John Dean9.578887.548
Michelle Duffy7.57.587.57.58.546.5
Tony Young78.57.5887.546.5
Vanessa Stern9.
Roger Pagram777.588845.5
Glynnan Barham---
Mick Wills---888.524.5
Valerie Mitchell887---23
Cath Walter779---23
Linda Bullimore---
David Mitchell7.57.57---22
Rophina Yeld7.57.57---22
Wojtek Boden876.5---21.5
Brian Southward86.56.5---21

Total Entries = 111 Certificates = 21
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Advanced PDI Competition
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Total
Ray Acland99.59991055.5
David Harris9.59.59.579.51055
Jonathan Barham88.5898950.5
Ann McDonald88.597.598.550.5
Carole Speight108.58.597.5750.5
Mike Owens9.59.5987750
Nigel Prosser98.5888.5850
Ronnie Hall8.589.577.5949.5
Joy Whiting1081088.5549.5
Peter Rocchiccioli8.58.5898749
George Atkins879.5878.548
Jean Brooks988.588.5648
Michael Davison79.59.568.5747.5
Cathy Hughes8.58.59776.546.5
John Pritchard68.58.5788.546.5
Jan Davis98.57.58.548.546
Sheila Tester7.58.5886745
Connie Ellison7.59876744.5
Stephen Marsh8.56886743.5
Jim Entwistle7.57866.5742
Don Baldwin87.57.546841
Tony Hughes5.58.58.557640.5
Peter King6.57.57.545737.5
Trevor Sims6.57.5-847.533.5
Nigel Hayes99.59---27.5
Diana Goss799.5---25.5
Ritchie Southerton7.589.5---25
Anna Walls10-----10

Total Entries = 153 Certificates = 40
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Overall totals: Entries = 599 Certificates = 166


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  • Deadline dates for entries - see programme page
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