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Glyn Edmunds EFIAP/s APSA APAGB - Fuzzy Landscapes and Gritty Nudes

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The link here: Competition Entry should take you directly to the upload system. You will be required to enter your email address so the system can recognise you correctly, then follow the on screen prompts. Please enter your titles as you wish them to be projected, you do not need to use the structured names you used to use when emailing the images.

This document explains the system in more detail: Uploading PDIs (PDF document opens in new tab/window).

If you have any issues please contact the competition organisers at

Competition Results for the 2014 - 2015 season:

(Updated December 15th 2014)

= Certificate of merit.
Results Tables:
Print Competition - Beginners
Print Competition - Intermediate
Print Competition - Advanced
PDI Competition - Beginners / Intermediate
PDI Competition - Advanced
Full Results Sheets: (opens new tab/page)
Competition: Date: Judge: View Images:
1st Beg Print30-Oct-14Walter Benzie CertificatesAll (27)
1st Int Print30-Oct-14Walter Benzie CertificatesAll (60)
1st Adv Print18-Sep-14Barry Senior Hon FRPSCertificatesAll (84)
2nd Beg Print15-Jan-15Peter Rocchiccioli BA (Hons) Photography ARPS AFIAPCertificatesAll
2nd Int Print15-Jan-15Peter Rocchiccioli BA (Hons) Photography ARPS AFIAPCertificatesAll
2nd Adv Print11-Dec-14Brian Dunseath ARPSCertificatesAll (57)
3rd Beg Print12-Mar-15Catherine Jolley LRPS ASWPPCertificatesAll
3rd Int Print12-Mar-15Catherine Jolley LRPS ASWPPCertificatesAll
3rd Adv Print09-Apr-15Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS AFIAP BPE5*CertificatesAll
1st Beg PDI02-Oct-14Bob Webzell ARPS EFIAPCertificatesAll (17)
1st Int PDI02-Oct-14Bob Webzell ARPS EFIAPCertificatesAll (60)
1st Adv PDI13-Nov-14Leo Rich ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE3*CertificatesAll (58)
2nd Beg PDI27-Nov-14Tracey Mceachran BA (Hons) PhotographyCertificatesAll (18)
2nd Int PDI27-Nov-14Tracey Mceachran BA (Hons) PhotographyCertificatesAll (48)
2nd Adv PDI05-Feb-15Leo Rich ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE3*CertificatesAll


Beginners Print Competition
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Total
Stephen Tattersall109.57.5------27
Kim Tattersall107.58.5------26
Liz Boden8.588------24.5
Wojtek Boden877------22
Cheryl Marshall868------22
Caroline Marshall588.5------21.5
Wiets Botes669------21
Carmel Lynch687------21
Ian Taylor57.57.5------20

Total Entries = 27 Certificates = 4
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Intermediate Print Competition
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Total
Ross Laney9109.5------28.5
Stan Clements10107.5------27.5
Jeff Owen989------26
Sean Ahern108.57------25.5
Lynne Owen88.59------25.5
Jean Henwood8.597.5------25
Jan Davis8.58.57.5------24.5
Susan Watts7.5107------24.5
Mike Hancock9.568.5------24
Paul Williams7.58.58------24
Joan Barham88.57------23.5
Michelle Duffy788------23
Roger Pagram8.577.5------23
Andrew Smale78.57.5------23
Tony Street77.58.5------23
Hilary Featherstone778------22
Sue Nash67.58.5------22
Sarah Nichol868------22
Vanessa Stern7.567------20.5
Linda Bullimore667------19

Total Entries = 60 Certificates = 12
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Advanced Print Competition
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Total
Ann McDonald9.59109109.5---57
Janey Devine99.51088.510---55
Margret Preece89.5108.58.510---54.5
Sheila Tester999.598.58---53
David Harris87.59.58.5108.5---52
Frank Adams7.58.598.5810---51.5
Keith Sawyer8.59.57.5988.5---51
John Howes889.578.59.5---50.5
Peter Rocchiccioli99.
Lorna Brown97.
Michael Davison98.5887.58---49
Nigel Prosser89.587.58.57.5---49
Ronnie Hall7.577.58107.5---47.5
John Field8877.58.58---47
Stephen Marsh7.57.57.588.58---47
Andy Dulson8787.58.57.5---46.5
Jim Entwistle7.57.5786.57.5---44
Don Baldwin6.57.5767.57.5---42
Nina Borowsky8.57-8.57.57---38.5
George Atkins9.599------27.5
Joy Whiting8.599------26.5
Ray Acland87.59------24.5
Peter Bamforth888.5------24.5
Cathy Hughes7.57.59------24
Tony Hughes7.57.58.5------23.5
John Pritchard87.58------23.5
Peter King87.57.5------23
David Abbott7.59.5-------17
Jill Adams7.57.5-------15

Total Entries = 141 Certificates = 40
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Beginners PDI Competition
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Total
Stephen Tattersall9.58.5107.59.51055
Wiets Botes7.58.59881051
Andrew Smale989978.550.5
Sarah Nichol7.587.586.57.545
Caroline Marshall888.5---24.5
Liz Boden---79.57.524
Ian Taylor---787.522.5
Mark Stevens89----17

Total Entries = 35 Certificates = 11
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Intermediate PDI Competition
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Total
Jean Henwood8999.510954.5
Jeff Owen99.5997.51054
Lorna Brown8.
Sue Nash8999.581053.5
Roger Pagram9898.58.5952
Paul Williams981088.58.552
Sean Ahern9109.58.57.5751.5
Hilary Featherstone9.58.587.57.51051
Lynne Owen910107.577.551
Susan Watts7.599.5789.550.5
Stan Clements88.588.58950
Tony Street8997.57848.5
Rob Campling78898.5747.5
Linda Bullimore7.598.577847
Michelle Duffy108.59---27.5
Cath Walter9.589---26.5
Jan Soley---88.5925.5
Christopher Williams---8.59.5725
Cheryl Marshall88.58---24.5
Frank Sandbach7.58.58.5---24.5
Brian Southward7.58.58.5---24.5
Vanessa Stern7.57.57.5---22.5

Total Entries = 108 Certificates = 44
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Advanced PDI Competition
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Total
David Harris1099---28
Nigel Prosser8.59.510---28
Andy Dulson8.59.59.5---27.5
Keith Sawyer9108.5---27.5
Ray Acland998---26
John Howes8.58.58.5---25.5
Carole Speight8.598---25.5
Sheila Tester88.59---25.5
Jan Davis889---25
Ronnie Hall898---25
Mike Hancock997---25
Michael Davison879.5---24.5
George Atkins9.577.5---24
Janey Devine888---24
Stephen Marsh7.588.5---24
Peter Rocchiccioli8.57.58---24
Jim Entwistle87.58---23.5
Don Baldwin77.57.5---22
Connie Ellison777.5---21.5
Trevor Sims7-----7

Total Entries = 58 Certificates = 19
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Overall totals: Entries = 429 Certificates = 130


  • Competition Rules - go to the members' area to download the Members' Handbook. Rules for the various competitions will be found on page 8 and subsequent pages.
  • Deadline dates for entries - see programme page
  • Information on formatting PDI images - go to members' area to download PDI Image Resize Instructions