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Next MAIN meeting:
Thursday November 27th

2nd Beg/Int PDI Competition. Judge: Tracey McEachran MA.

Please see our PROGRAMME page for full details.


As well as the main group activities, Chichester Camera Club also runs many special interest groups, the aim of which is to help people enjoy and improve their photography by sharing techniques and skills within a small unit situation. These groups are run in addition to the main weekly meetings and offer participants the opportunity to tap into the knowledge and experience of some of our most talented club members. There are six special interest groups each of which is led by a highly experienced club photographer and all usually meet once per month during the club season (September - May). They are open to both members and non members. The club levies a small attendance fee to cover costs (currently £3 for members, £4 for non-members). Below is a list of our current special interest groups:

  • The Black & White Group. Leader: Peter King
    A recently formed group at the club where the main aim is to promote black and white photography whether in the form of digital prints, darkroom prints or PDIs. The emphasis is on encouraging creative thinking to produce interesting and evocative photographs, not necessarily images solely designed to win competitions! From a technical point of view group members share hints and tips on the processes involved in creating monochromatic images: conversion of colour RAW files to monochrome, processing techniques and software, printing equipment and paper, use of ICC profiles etc. As interest in traditional darkroom photography seems to be on the increase, techniques and processes in this area will also be covered. From a creative and aesthetic point of view the group will draw inspiration not only from each others' work but also by looking at work by well known, not so well known, historical, contemporary, commercial and other photographers. Small projects will be set, for members that wish to participate, to complete between meetings or over longer lengths of time. As the group progresses a number of plans are in the pipeline which may include: Guest speakers invited along to share their knowledge in specialist areas. Photography days-out with a theme in mind. Occasional workshops to concentrate on particular problem areas. Maybe even an exhibition of just black and white photography! The group is open to all comers, not just Chichester Camera Club members. All levels of photographic knowledge are welcome from smart-phone snappers to Hassleblad professionals! Meetings: Currently suspended due to lack of time it is hoped to reinstate the meetings later in the season. See the Programme page for details.
  • The Developers Group. Leader: Iain McGowan FRPS
    The main objective of this group is to help inexperienced photographers come to grips with the basics of photography, concentrating on techniques and composition rather than the technicalities of individual pieces of camera equipment. This includes outings led by an experienced member of the club with the results being reviewed at the next meeting. Photographers of all levels of experience are encouraged to come along with the idea of sharing skills and ideas.
    Meetings: TBA.
  • The Digital Imaging Group. Leaders: David Abbott and Sheila Tester
    The emphasis in this group is on sharing digital skills and digital imaging problem solving, with many Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements hints and tips being shared during the meeting.
    Meetings: every 4th Tuesday of the month. See the 'programme' page for further details.
  • The PAGB Distinctions/External Exhibitions Group. Joint leaders: Rosie Armes FRPS, MPAGB and Janey Devine FRPS
    The main purpose of this group is to encourage participants to achieve the distinctions of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB). It also provides assistance and advice to those who wish to enter national and international photographic exhibitions.
    Meetings: TBA.
  • The Portrait Group. Joint leaders: Jan Davis and Andy Dulson
    Portraiture requires skill and experience and this group aims to give its participants the opportunity to learn through working with others in a studio-like setting or on location. The club has good portrait equipment having just purchased some high quality studio lights.
    Meetings: every 1st Wednesday of the month.
  • The Print Group. Leader: Stephen Marsh
    The aim is to help participants improve the quality of their prints through mutual encouragement and constructive critique of the images that they take along to the meeting.
    Meetings: every 2nd Tuesday of the month.
  • The RPS Distinctions (LAF) Group. Leader: Graham Sergeant FRPS
    LAF stands for Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship, which are the distinctions awarded by the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). Advice, encouragement and assistance are the keywords in this group where prospective submissions to the RPS are previewed and critiqued. Many club members have been helped over the years by this group to obtain distinctions from LRPS to FRPS and a number of current and past members have been actively involved with the RPS, sitting on the various distinctions panels. The close ties therefore between the club and the RPS help keep members of this group fully informed and up to date with the latest rules, requirements and trends.
    Meetings: every 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Unless noted otherwise in the above text, all of these meetings are held between 7:30pm and 9:30pm at Tangmere Village Hall in the small back room. Please see the Programme page for meeting dates and other details.